Features of Cloud Computing

Features of Cloud Computing

In this tutorial you are going to learn about Features of Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing refers to use of remote servers that are accessed over the internet (present at remote locations).

Cloud computing is an on demand self service provider. It means storing, managing and accessing the data and programs on the remote servers that are hosted on the internet instead of the company's hard drive.

The service providers are:

  • Google cloud
  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM cloud

Features of Cloud Computing

On Demand Self-Services:

The clouds provide on demand self-services for us. It means that a customer can request and receive access to a service offering, without an administrative or some sort of support staff having to fulfil the request manually. Some applications can access the resources themselves such as Gmail, Facebook, etc. applications. We can access the services through the internet without interacting with the service providers. So, the user can demand the services from the cloud.

Broad Network Access:

That means the servers can be accessed from any location (using any type of devices) that is anywhere access and anytime through the internet.

We can access the cloud resources from anywhere and anytime. This is called Broad network access.

Resource Pooling:

Resources can be storage, memory, network bandwidth virtual machine that can be any service which can be consumed by cloud users.

Resource pooling means that multiple customers are serviced from the same physical resources.

Measurable Services:

Cloud computing resources are measured. That means customers are used to the serviced time to time cloud provider are measured the services because cloud is pay and use.

Pay according to the services you use. Just like electricity bill or water bill in that way the cloud resources are also measured.

Rapid Elasticity and Scalability:

Cloud resources can be rapid elasticity providers. Some access cloud services are fastly increased and decreased based on demand.

One of the great things about cloud computing is the ability to quickly provision resources in the cloud as the organization needs them, and then to remove them when they don’t need them.

Easy maintenance: Least cost or no cost for maintaining the cloud.


Copy of our data on various servers. If one fails, data is life on the other. Cloud provides security services which means if we lost our data while rebooting or for any inconvenience. We can always reinstall our data and information from the other various servers from the cloud. One of the major properties of the cloud is to provide security for the customers.

Properties and Characteristics

High scalability and elasticity

  • Dynamic provision
  • Muiltenant

Availability and reliability

  • Fault tolerance
  • System security
  • system resilience

High performance and scalability

  • Parallel processing
  • Load balancing
  • Job scheduling

Accessibility and Portability

  • Uniform access
  • Thin client

Manageability and interoperability

  • Cloud automation
  • System monitoring
  • Billing system.

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