Resource Sharing and Web Challenges in Distributed System

Resource Sharing and Web Challenges in Distributed System

In this tutorial, you are going to learn about Resource Sharing and Web Challenges in Distributed System.

Resource Sharing in Distributed System

Resource Sharing is basically how the existing resource in the distributed system can be shared and accessed across different computer system. The resource shared can be software, hardware or any data in the distributed system. The resource of distributed system are made available in following ways:

  1. Data Migration - The process in which data is transferred from one location to another location in the system. Data is brought to the location of computation, that needs to be accessed by a distributed system. We can also say that the data is migrated from destination part to source, after requesting source to destination.
  2. Computation Migration - The process in which computation is transferred rather than the data across the system. The files cannot be transferred to the computation point due to large file size or big data file. So, the computation data is transferred to the data file point and processes the computation and the result is transferred to the computation point.

Advantages of Computation Migration:

  • Increases computational speed.
  • Load Balancing - It helps spread the load across the distributed system in order to optimize resource sharing.

Web Challenges in Distributed System

To get an ideal distributed system various web challenges need to be overcome. The major web challenges in distributed system are:

  1. Scalability –The feature of distributed systems in which if the load of a system increases the performance of the system will not be degraded.
  2. Heterogeneity - The ability to communication with different devices. For example, communication between computer to mobile or other peripheral devices.
  3. Security Challenges - There are three types of Security Challenges, i.e. Privacy, Authentication, Availability.
    • Privacy: Data Shared should maintain confidentiality.
    • Authentication: Whoever shares the message should have proper identity for that system. Unauthorised users should not access the system.
    • Availability: Data and Resources should be available.
  4. Handling of Failure - There are three types of failures that can occur in a system which need to be fixed.
    • Tolerance: If there is any error occurring while running the system then the system continues operating without any interruption.
    • Redundancy: It means that any duplicacy or inconsistency should not be found in our system.
    • Exception Handling: It is all about handling the error which may be found while running the system.

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