Amazon Web Services in Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services in Cloud Computing

In this tutorial you are going to learn about Amazon Web Services in Cloud Computing.

Introduction to AWS

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is a global cloud platform that provides cloud storage facilities to end-users. AWS is used by around 80% of fortune 500 companies. AWS provides infrastructure as a services, Platform as a services, Software as a services and cloud storage platform. AWS includes features like easy sign up, pay per hour billing, etc.

Benefits of AWS

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Effective
  • Scalability
  • Security

Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)

Elastic cloud computing is one of the most popular of AWS offerings. EC2 is a web service that provides servers in the cloud which are customized as per need. EC2 allows you to quickly boot a new server as and when needed or terminate it when requirement changes. It is highly scalable and works on a pay-as-you-go model.

It mainly consists in the capability of:

  • Renting virtual machine
  • Storing virtual machine
  • Distributing load across machines
  • Scaling the services using an auto-scaling group
  • Knowing EC2 is fundamental to understand the working of the cloud.

Benefits of EC2:

  • Elastic web services computing
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Highly secure
  • Cost effective/Inexpensive

Amazon EC2 Pricing:

  • On-demand: On-demand instances let you pay for compute capacity by the hour or second (minimum of 60 seconds) with no long-term commitments. It can be purchased as a reservation for up to 70% off on demand price.
  • Reserved: It can provide a capacity reservation. Discount (Up to 70%) compared to On demand instance pricing. They are 3 types of RI - Standard, Convertible and Scheduled.
  • User-cases: Where usage is pre-defined, stable applications

Dedicated Hosts

Dedicated hosts can help you reduce costs by allowing you to use existing server bound software licenses and can also help you meet  compliance requirements. Can be protected On Demand (Hourly). Dedicated Hosts can be purchased in a Reservation up to 70%.

Amazon Simple Storage System (S3)

Amazon simple storage system provides object storage which is built for storing and recovering any amount of data from anywhere over the internet

  • Provides at-most Durability-99.99%
  • Highly available (Availibility-99.99%)
  • Cost effective
  • Highly scalable
  • Provides at most security for the data and metadata
  • Object consist of Data and metadata
  • Bucket stores objects
  • Data encryption: To protect the data when it's being transmitted and also at its rest.

Why is S3 useful?

  • It is cheap, reliable way to store object
  • Low latency, high throughput access
  • Can easily be used to host static websites
  • Can integrate with SNS, SQS, Lambda for powerful event driven application
  • Has mechanisms to shift away old data into long term storage for cost reduction

Amazon CloudFront (AWS CDN)

Amazon CloudFront service is a web service that gives business and web application, development and cost effective way to distribute the content via web with high transfer speed

  • Content Delivery Network(CDN)
  • Improves read performance – content is cached
  • 216 points of presence
  • Popular with S3 caching

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