Cloud Computing Architecture

In this tutorial you are going to learn about Cloud Computing Architecture in Cloud Computing.


The term 'Cloud' mainly refers to the servers which are accessed via internet. Through cloud computing, you can store, manage and access the data without using any hard drives. Cloud computing technology is mostly used in small or large organization. The combination of Event Driven Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture is known as Cloud Computing Architecture. It is mainly divided into two parts - front end and backend.

Some examples of cloud computing providers are:

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • Windows Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud

Architecture of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Architecture is mainly divided into two parts:

  1. Front end - It mainly refers to the client side application. Web servers includes in front end like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  2. Backend - It is used by the service provider, all the resources are managed by this part include large amount of data storage, security, servers, etc.

Components of Cloud Computing Architecture

Client infrastructure - This is the part of front end which provide a graphical users interface to interact with clouds.
Application - An application can be software or app which can access by the client.
Service - Cloud Services manages the client requirement, that what kind of service they want to access. There are three types of service:

  1. Software as a service (SAAS) : Example - Google Apps, Dropbox, etc.
  2. Platform as a service (PAAS) : Example - Windows Azure, Heroku, etc.
  3. Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) : Example - Amazon Web Service, Google Compute Engine, etc.

Runtime Cloud - It provides runtime execution.
Storage - A large amount of data can be stored in cloud computing.
Management - It is use to manage the parts of backend and make a coordination between them.
Security - Responsibility of security system is to protect IP’s, data, application, infrastructure and other parts of cloud computing system.

Nowadays almost every company switched to cloud computing to access the data as it has low maintenance cost and also has excellent secured storage capacity. Although cloud computing has lots of advantages, it has also some disadvantages like internet connection problem, limited control issues ,vendor lock-in problem, etc.

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