What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator) ?

What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

In this tutorial you are going to learn about URL Uniform Resource Locator, explanation, content of a URL, syntax and it's examples.

What is URL ?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Complete address of a website is called URL or web address. Each webpage has a designated unique address called the URL or the Uniform Resource Locator. URL is the type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

Contents of a URL

URL is made up of the following parts:

  • Protocol
  • Just after protocol ( :// ) colon followed by double forward slash is used
  • Hostname (Domain Name) or IP Address
  • Sub-Domain Name
  • Path of file

Syntax of a URL

protocol:// hostname (domain name)/ filename

Protocol - It is a standardized set of rules which allows communication of electronic devices with each other. Most webpage URL begins with http:// which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, used to transfer pages on the web. Some websites have https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) which means that the webpage has a special layer of encryption added to hide your personal information and passwords.

Hostname (Domain Name) - It is basically the domain name of the server which is used on the network. It is the unique reference that identifies a website.

Domain Names Description
.com Commercial organizational, Businesses and companies
.org Non-profit organizations
.gov Government Institutions
.edu Educational Institutions
.mil Military organizations
.net Network providers

Sub Domain Name - A subdivision of the domain name ,which is usually a country code abbreviation.

au in it jp cn kr
Australia India Italy Japan Chine Korea

Examples of sub domain name or the country code abbreviations

Filename - It is used for describing the pathname of the file which is located on the server.

Working of a URL

Client click on URL/Hyperlink to send it as a request to the server. In return the server send the page or file which the user want to access.

Example of a URL


This URL contains the information of protocol: https, hostname: thecode11.com and filename: about.

Difference Between URL and URI

The terms URL and URI are often used interchangeably, but they are not same.

  • A URI is an identifier of a specific resource. Like a page, book or a document.
  • A URL is special type of URI that also tells you how to access it, such as HTTPs, FTP, etc.
  • If the protocol is either present or implied for a domain, you should call it a URL, even though it's also a URI.

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